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About  Z's Frozen Fiestas

Have you ever wanted to recreate that perfect frozen concoction from that memorable vacation? Well, now you can! At Z’s Frozen Fiestas, we can provide you with all you need to up your party game and wow your guests. Perfect for summer picnics, block parties, birthday bashes, bachelor/bachelorette/engagement parties, wedding and baby showers and whatever else you can imagine. Allow us to help you curate the perfect drink menu for your guests.

frozen drink machine rental
frozen fiesta drink machine

Rental Details

Z’s Frozen Fiestas frozen drink machine rentals are for a 24-hour period. Our staff will deliver and set up your machine and help you get your drink mixes started if you so desire. Due to the nature of our commercial unit’s delivery and pickup of our machines is required. This ensures both the safety of our customer and preserves the functionality of our machines.

margarita machine aurora


Each Frozen Fiesta Machine will cost $200 to rent not including the price to deliver and pick up which you can see below.

12 oz clear plastic cups (50ct) $10.00

16 oz clear plastic cups (50ct) $10.00

Umbrella toothpicks (50ct) $8.00

Bamboo toothpicks (50ct) $8.00


Love Stirs (25ct) $10.00

Straws (50ct) $5.00



Is set up time included in my rental?

Sure is! We do ask you to add set-up and freezing time into your drop off time (about 2hrs). We will work with you depending on the time of your party to make sure we are doing what’s best for you.

Do you provide alcohol?

No, we do not. We can provide the non-alcoholic mixes to make any of the drinks on our inspiration page. Some of our drink ideas are meant to be adult-only so we will work with you on what you can have waiting for us to arrive and how much.

Where should I set up my frozen drink machine?

Islands are a great option, or we can provide a cart for your machine. Client may not move or transport the machine after it is set up. You will need access to a dedicated 110v 15-amp outlet, ideally without the use of an extension cord, but please let us know if one will be needed.

Does the price include delivery and pick-up?

Yes, but please see our travel fees for each delivery. We are in Aurora, Colorado. We will pick up and delivery under the cost of our travel fees, plus the fee to rent machine.

How long can we keep our rental?

Each rental is for 24hr. If you need for a longer period, please contact us.

Can we set up the machine outdoors?

We strong suggest you use machine indoors for optimal performance. Using outdoors effects the quality and time it takes to freeze the drink. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this.

Need Recipe Ideas?

Check Out Our Favorites


Delivery Fees

Within 20 Miles


Within 30 Miles


Within 40 Miles


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